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Guidance and support for creating the collaborative, multidisciplinary practice you’ve always wanted. 


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The place you really want to practice doesn’t exist...yet.

Better patient outcomes require a whole-person, multidisciplinary approach you can’t provide on your own.

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Creating a wellness center doesn’t have to feel like starting over.

Starting something as complex as a multi-disciplinary center can feel really daunting. Too many capable practitioners don’t make it either because they never start, or they give up, unable to maintain their own healthy lifestyle; they end up burning out. 

Everyone will be looking to you for the answers. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or risk suffering the same fate as those that tried and failed. You can build on proven systems with a guide at your side for every inspired step along the way. 

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Don’t reinvent the wheel. 

Learn from someone who’s done it

Learn exactly what to do. Build on proven systems with a guide at your side for every inspired step.

Actionable Guidance & Support

Breaking your dream into actionable steps creates the motivation and clear path needed to succeed.

Clear Structures & Procedures 

Learn the essential elements of creating and running a multidisciplinary, collaborative healthcare team.

Valuable Resources & Accountability 

Receive the tools and skills you’ll need while holding you accountable, so you get the results you deserve. 

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Create Something Amazing

Wellness Center Creators is where you find the tools and support you need to build the practice and team you want.

It’s possible to realize your dream of providing the whole-person care you know patients need, while being the leader your team wants, and living the life you always knew was possible but weren’t sure how to make happen.


Learn best practices and practical tools that will restore and rejuvenate yourself and your business. Learn More


Group Coaching

Get the support you need while collaborating with fellow Wellness Center Creators. Learn More


Individual Coaching

Build your business with the advantage of having a top coach at your side for every step. Learn More

Running a business doesn't naturally promote a sense of wellbeing. The cruel irony is that most business owners running wellness centers are anything but well.

Wellness Center Creators founder and CEO Kendall Hagensen is at the forefront of the health & wellness industry and built her own successful multidisciplinary, collaborative practice over the last 7 years out of her love and dedication to her patients, and also her own challenging journey navigating chronic disease.  

As a licensed mental health counselor and board-certified dance movement therapist who walks her walk (and dances her dance), Kendall is uniquely qualified and well prepared to help you tackle not just the business challenges that come with running a successful practice, but also the sticky staff situations and personal barriers you would never see coming until it’s too late.   

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I learned more in a few hours of the workshop than I had in months of my own self-guided exploration!  It was DEFINITELY worth the time and money.”

-Sarai Lehman Trujillo

"Thank you for all of your direction, support, guidance, and generosity as we’ve worked together.  It has been so wonderful to work with you, it has kept me in a move forward mentality amidst some of the biggest barriers when I didn’t think movement was possible.  Thank you!!"

- Camille H.

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