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Building a Successful Wellness Business with Melinda Choy

Building a Successful Wellness Business with Melinda Choy

Mar 12, 2024

Where do you begin when you want to create your own wellness center?

Hey everyone! In this episode of the Wellness Center Creators podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with Melinda Choy, a practitioner and clinic owner who's making waves in the world of holistic medicine. 

Melinda's story is pretty incredible - it all started when she saw her parents struggling with various health issues. That's what sparked her interest in alternative remedies and set her on the path to becoming a natural therapies superstar.

"I spent a lot of time going in and out of hospitals, doctor's appointments, and various treatments for them. And I always felt somewhat disgruntled with the conventional medical system."

Melinda is the real deal. She's got an impressive background, having worked in healthcare administration before becoming a provider herself. She eventually opened her own clinic, Elevate Wellness Center, where she's created a unique business model that brings together a bunch of different practitioners. Talk about a dream team!

During our chat, Melinda shared some great insights about her journey and how Elevate Wellness Center came to be. She opened up about how seeing her parents' health struggles fueled her passion for alternative therapies, and how her experiences in the insurance industry and acupuncture school helped shape her vision for a holistic clinic.

"There's all these beautiful modalities and people aren't really working synergistically together."

Trust me, if you're into holistic medicine or thinking about starting your own clinic, you won't want to miss this episode. Melinda's story is full of valuable tips and inspiration for healthcare providers who want to make a real difference. Plus, we dive into the importance of collaboration, building an awesome team, and creating a welcoming space for patients.

So whether you're a healthcare provider, an aspiring entrepreneur, or just someone who's curious about holistic wellness, this episode is definitely worth a listen. Melinda's expertise and experiences are sure to give you some great ideas and motivation.

"It's not about being smart, it's about taking risks."

If you want to learn more about Melinda and Elevate Wellness Center, head over to their website at And don't forget to follow them on social media for updates and wellness tips. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on the amazing things they're doing in the world of holistic medicine.

Thanks for tuning in to this episode of the Wellness Center Creators podcast. Stay tuned for more awesome conversations with wellness industry experts and entrepreneurs. Until next time!

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About Melinda Choy

Melinda Choy is a Certified Integrative Women’s Health Institute Practitioner, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist and herbalist and CEO of Elevate Wellness & Acupuncture Center in South Lake Tahoe. Melinda is a San Francisco native and born to an immigrant family from China. Her passion in the holistic medicine field was inspired from a family tragedy that impacted her view of the allopathic medicine field. She has spent years studying the impacts of chronic daily stress on the physical, spiritual and emotional body. Her studies brought her to South Lake Tahoe to create a life of passion in work and to raise a family in an environment suitable for the lifestyle she desires.

Melinda has been a practitioner for over 15 years with a drive for bringing natural medicine, health and healing to the community. She shares her vision in her development of Elevate Wellness Center, a multi-disciplinary holistic family medicine center, where the community can access the talent of various holistic health providers ranging from midwifery to craniosacral therapy. 

Elevate was created to help empower patients through education and lifestyle modification and specific therapies to enhance the power of the body to heal itself and promote balance. Elevate providers identify the root cause of disease and utilize a whole body approach for treatment. Elevate houses an in-house apothecary, customizable Chinese Herbal remedies and features curated therapeutic supplements, herbs, teas and tonics.

Melinda has been a lecturer at various health and women’s conferences and a presenter at TEDx. She provides easily applicable lifestyle tools for chronic stress management. She provides insight into our current state of health and well-being by addressing the lack of health culture in the US. Her vision is to share and revitalize a new health culture based on the ancient ideas that can still be applicable in our modern world.

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About Kendall Hagensen

Kendall is a Somatic Mental Health Therapist, Multidisciplinary Clinic Owner and Business Coach. She specializes in, and is passionate about, working with healthcare professionals to create the businesses of their dreams. Big goals always have a psychological component beneath the surface, so Kendall uses her background in Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy mixed with Business Coaching tools to help clients develop a healthy relationship with their business and their strength as a leader. 

As someone who lives with a chronic illness herself, Kendall feels that health happens best within community, which is why she takes a holistic, integrative, and collaborative wellness approach to her personal and professional life.

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