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Building an Online Group Practice with Dr. Lisa Lovelace

Building an Online Group Practice with Dr. Lisa Lovelace

May 31, 2022

Building your own practice can be hard enough – but what about building a 100% Online GROUP practice? Well, Dr. Lisa Lovelace of Synergy eTherapy has done just that, and she has successfully grown this practice to be fully licensed in 16 states and able to help serve another 30 or so states as a member of PSYPACT. Many of us have grown to understand the benefits of telehealth over the past few years, and the platform has allowed therapists like Dr. Lovelace and her team to provide services to more in need than ever before. 

Dr. Lisa is truly an innovative entrepreneur, and we are so lucky to have her tell us how she did it. In the podcast interview today, we talk about hiring therapists, managing them, learning and training on the technology part of everything and some of the mistakes she made along the way that you should avoid. She has some golden nuggets of advice! And even if you aren’t thinking of creating a group practice, you’re going to get lots of tips from today’s guest.

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About Dr. Lisa Lovelace

Dr. Lisa Lovelace is the founder of Synergy eTherapy, one of the first fully online group practices! She started Synergy in 2006 before online therapy was as cool as it is now. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York and is registered as a tele-health provider in Florida. Dr. Lisa is also a part of PSYPACT.

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About Kendall Hagensen

Kendall is a Somatic Mental Health Therapist, Multidisciplinary Clinic Owner and Business Coach. She specializes in, and is passionate about, working with healthcare professionals to create the businesses of their dreams. Big goals always have a psychological component beneath the surface, so Kendall uses her background in Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy mixed with Business Coaching tools to help clients develop a healthy relationship with their business and their strength as a leader. As someone who lives with a chronic illness herself, Kendall feels that health happens best within community, which is why she takes a holistic, integrative, and collaborative wellness approach to her personal and professional life.

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