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Clear Skin and Optimal Health: The Functional Medicine Approach to Psoriasis with Dayna Hrovath

Clear Skin and Optimal Health: The Functional Medicine Approach to Psoriasis with Dayna Hrovath

Sep 21, 2023

If you're feeling frustrated and defeated by the constant itchiness and irritation of your psoriasis, despite trying countless creams and medications, then you are not alone! Many individuals like you are experiencing the disappointment of temporary relief followed by recurring flare-ups that disrupt their daily lives. Instead of the clear, healthy skin you long for, you may find yourself trapped in a cycle of symptom management, never truly addressing the root causes of your condition.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unearth the far-reaching impacts of persistent skin disorders on bodily functions.
  • Probe into the healing potential of a functional medicine-based approach towards psoriasis.
  • Dive deep into the innovative Three C Skin Saving Method for a proactive psoriasis management.
  • Unveil the hurdles and rewards of heading and expanding a business in the skin treatment sector.
  • Understand the criticality of addressing core reasons and effecting long-lasting lifestyle changes for improved skin health.

Demonstrating a profound understanding of the intimate link between skin health and systemic wellness, Dayna Hrovath has emerged as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with chronic skin conditions, particularly psoriasis. As a skilled dermatology physician assistant, Dayna’s conventional medicine proficiency is evident in her work. However, what truly sets her apart is her commitment to functional medicine which has enabled her to devise effective lifestyle modification strategies at her clinic, Fountain Mills Functional Wellness. Emphasizing the role of diet, stress control, and a low-toxin lifestyle, Dayna's methods offer a whole new perspective on disease management.

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About Dana Hrovath

Dayna Hrovath is the owner of Fountain Mills Functional Wellness. She has been helping frustrated people with psoriasis improve itch, pain, and rash using a unique approach to this condition that few in the healthcare world have access to.

Dayna has been a Dermatology Physician Assistant since 2005, which she knew she wanted to be since she was younger, and now finds it very rewarding. A few years ago she started having health problems that weren't being adequately addressed by conventional medicine. She turned towards alternative methods and was amazed at what can be done to actually improve a condition instead of just covering up the symptoms.

During such journey, Dayna felt like she wanted to give others an alternative too, to help them improve their skin, their overall health, and to empower them. She understands that having a healthcare plan that lets you take control of your own health is paramount to your success. 

She is excited about inspiring people struggling with health problems, and helping them be their own advocates toward optimal wellness, and disease prevention. Through podcasting, this creative guest speaker wants to tell your audience she's here to walk with them through each step of their journey to wellness.

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About Kendall Hagensen

Kendall is a Somatic Mental Health Therapist, Multidisciplinary Clinic Owner and Business Coach. She specializes in, and is passionate about, working with healthcare professionals to create the businesses of their dreams. Big goals always have a psychological component beneath the surface, so Kendall uses her background in Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy mixed with Business Coaching tools to help clients develop a healthy relationship with their business and their strength as a leader. 

As someone who lives with a chronic illness herself, Kendall feels that health happens best within community, which is why she takes a holistic, integrative, and collaborative wellness approach to her personal and professional life.

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