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Building Trust and Improving Patient Communication with Josh Satterlee, DC pt3

Building Trust and Improving Patient Communication with Josh Satterlee, DC pt3

Feb 20, 2024

How to build trust and effective communication in patient care. This is the focus of part 3 of my insightful discussion with chiropractor Josh Satterlee, DC. If you haven’t listened to parts 1 and 2 yet, you might want to go back, so you can get a full understanding of Josh’s PATCH communication framework.

As the founder of Trust Driven Care software, Josh brings valuable expertise on improving patient experiences. He shared how personal losses led him to develop the PATCH framework and his software, unifying communication channels into one inbox. This streamlines interactions for providers and receptionists.

"We pull that all together and unify it in a conversation inbox, regardless of how it comes in, or how it needs to go out."

Josh emphasized tailoring messaging to individual needs, using templates for efficiency, and scheduling follow-ups to boost engagement. His insights on personalized communication strategies demonstrate the power of meeting patients where they are.

This conversation provides invaluable guidance for any healthcare professional aiming to enhance patient trust and satisfaction. Josh offers tools to create more compassionate, patient-centered experiences.

"We're trying to help you build trust with your patients... because if you don't have trust with your patient, you've got an uphill battle."

To learn more about Josh Satterlee and Trust Driven Care, visit his website or book a demo. Their platform can elevate your practice's communication and care.

I'm grateful to Josh for joining me to discuss the human side of healthcare. His focus on building connections will resonate with anyone dedicated to improving patient relationships.

And stay tuned for part three of the interview, coming next week!

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About Josh Satterlee, DC

Josh Satterlee is a chiropractor based in Las Vegas. Josh is an experienced Chiropractor that understands the clinical care of patients. He’s treated thousands of patients and educated hundreds of Chiropractors. He also has a wide knowledge of the health, wellness and fitness industry. Josh is skilled in Process Building, Public Speaking, Management, Leadership, and Marketing. A strong graduate level educator, Dr. Satterlee graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences.

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