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How to Offboard a Provider and Find a Replacement with Kendall Hagensen

How to Offboard a Provider and Find a Replacement with Kendall Hagensen

Apr 24, 2024

What do you do when a practitioner decides to move on? It’s inevitable that this will happen within your practice. Today I answer a listener question from a chiropractor and clinic owner in Vancouver, BC, who is navigating the tricky process of offboarding a practitioner from their wellness center. I share the challenges and best practices I've learned when it comes to smoothly transitioning a departing provider.

The listener has been running their clinic for just over a year and is now facing the inevitable – one of their practitioners, a clinical counselor, has decided to venture out on their own. While they're supportive of their colleague's decision, the task of finding a replacement and ensuring a seamless transition for clients has become a top priority.

"Making it a smooth transition is all about prioritizing the clients. One thing that can be kind of a best practice option in these scenarios is to have a formal letter that is given to all the clients that explains the transition."

I dive deep into the key considerations for offboarding a practitioner. This actually starts with the onboarding process, and legal agreements to the administrative and relational aspects. I emphasize the importance of having clear protocols in place, such as return of company property, client information handoffs, and the recommended notice period (hint: it's longer than the traditional two weeks).

I believe this episode is essential for any clinic owner or wellness center leader who has faced or anticipates facing the challenge of a practitioner departure. I provide invaluable insights on how to navigate these transitions with grace, maintaining positive relationships and, most importantly, ensuring the continued care and support of clients.

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Thanks for tuning in to this episode of the Wellness Center Creators podcast. Stay tuned for more awesome conversations with wellness industry experts and entrepreneurs. Until next time!

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About Kendall Hagensen

Kendall is a Somatic Mental Health Therapist, Multidisciplinary Clinic Owner and Business Coach. She specializes in, and is passionate about, working with healthcare professionals to create the businesses of their dreams. Big goals always have a psychological component beneath the surface, so Kendall uses her background in Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy mixed with Business Coaching tools to help clients develop a healthy relationship with their business and their strength as a leader. 

As someone who lives with a chronic illness herself, Kendall feels that health happens best within community, which is why she takes a holistic, integrative, and collaborative wellness approach to her personal and professional life.

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